KCIS - Kanto Christian International School

Established: April 1995

Principal: Randell C. Stafford

Mission Statement: To be productive members of society while showing forth Christ in every facet of their life.

School Semester: The school year, starting in September and ending in June is divided into four quarters. At the end of each quarter, report cards are written up showing the average grades per subject within that quarter.

School Examinations: The children are tested in the general subject matter that they have been studying roughly about once a month. Yearly exams are given to know the percentile for each subject that the children are in comparatively with students in the U.S.A.

School Studies 

Principle Subjects: The Bible, English, Mathematics, Social Studies, Science

Secondary Subjects: Computers, Music, Home Economics, Physical Education, Art, Japanese, etc.

Special Studies: Comprehension - book reports, essays, English reading, vocabulary skills, etc

Personality Development: Hobbies (sewing, embroidery, crochet, plastic models, wood crafts, music videos, photography, etc), Public Speaking, Tutoring (teacher's assistant to the elementary grades), etc

Cooperative Presentations: Drama, Musicals, Dance, Concerts, Music Recitals, etc

Extracurricular Activities: Field trips / tours of factories, museums and etc. and music appreciation

Cultural Presentations: Given by people from around the world who come in and give a presentation on their country, culture, traditions, history, etc

School Productions (in English)

  • Sign Dance Performance (ASL & JSL) / Summer 2005, Spring 2006 
  • A Christmas Pageant / Winter 2006 
  • Newsies / Spring 2004 
  • Sound of Music
  • Cinderella / Winter 2001 
  • A Christmas Carol / Winter 2000 
  • Grandfather Cherry Blossom
  • Nativity Story / Winter 1995